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Harley Jane Kozak is an actor whose screen credits include Parenthood, The Favor, and Arachnophobia.Her debut novel, DATING DEAD MEN, received wide critical praise. (ex-Greg Hughes) will be Stu in Window Theory, which tells the confrontation of two childhood friends when one of them discovers that the other married his ex-girl friend.

Before finishing elementary school, she had landed a recurring role as a fifth grader on the educational TV show Music With Mrs.

Kozak; she also joined the Nebraska Repertory Theater as a tap dancer by her junior year in high school.

But do not look for his next dates of concert, it is only for the needs of the soap The Bold and the Beautiful, that he joined last March (see the ).

Going Back Again, such is the title of the song that Jack will offer to his admirers at the time of a special episode of the show.

Kozak showed her diversity in her following roles, which ranged from sports comedies (1991's Necessary Roughness) to action thrillers (The Taking of Beverly Hills, also 1991) to the sci-fi romance The Android Affair (1995).