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, Jamaly-Nenjocije awtonomnoj ├▒okruk) is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous okrug of Tyumen Oblast).

Its administrative center is the town of Salekhard, and its largest city is Noyabrsk. The Nenets people are an indigenous tribe that have long survived in this region.

Municipally, the town of Naryan-Mar is incorporated as Naryan-Mar Urban Okrug, while the district (including the settlement of Kharuta, which geographically is an exclave surrounded by the territory of the Komi Republic) is incorporated as Zapolyarny Municipal District.

The first recorded mention of the Nenets people is found in the 11th-century Primary Chronicle, a chronicle of Kievan Rus' from about 850 to 1110, originally compiled in Kiev about 1113 by Nestor the Chronicler.

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