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and it is by choice, it's when I get home that I love the most. I hate when people eat off my plate (especially on a date) While this may be romantic and quite intimate to some, I do not like anything about someone taking me out to eat, and then eat off my plate. Don’t order your food and assume on your own, without running it by me, that you are going to just eat some of mine too. I could survive off ice cream sandwiches and little Debbie snack cakes and Gatorade if I had to. Is it so that you will know which time, DOES NOT work for me, so that you can now request for that time instead? I am a Mother and I absolutely love and adore my son He’s 6-years old, and he brings me so much joy I LOVE BEING A MOM.But then, I will go the following week on a water diet. I have had multiple opportunities to go, however I have always turned down opportunities to go, because I did not want to share that moment with anyone that I was less than interested in. It has been a pleasure to have spent the time that I have spent with him at home and out on the town. He is very kind and loving and he makes me cards that makes my heart melt.Hagon: Early on, when we were still doing the punk rock stuff, we could list off stuff like the Ramones — Evans: They tricked me! So if someone shows up wearing something besides black, do they get kicked out of the band? How did the opportunity to play River’s Edge come up?

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To find out more about this blossoming act, I sat down with four of the Rope’s five members — frontman Jesse Hagon, guitarist Mike Browning, bassist Sam Richardson, and drummer Matt Evans — for a chat backstage at River’s Edge. We played for about a year — we played Stasiu’s, and I think we played the Uptown Bar, but it was honestly kind of an excuse to get together with your buddies and drink beer and not play video games, just feel like you’re doing something productive. And the writing just took a real turn, and we were no longer playing just punk rock stuff, it was a little more ambient. So the old name didn’t really work anymore, and the Rope had always been kind of an idea of a side project of Mike and mine.

And then things with our drummer weren’t really working out, he ended up leaving the band. Browning: When we first started playing together, Jesse, Sam, and myself — on the side sometimes we would mess around, and in the beginning we didn’t really know what kind of style we wanted to play. And we all had passion for the post-punk era of bands.

non Mormons can use a variety of words for this one, most commonly the queen mother swearword.

For example, "Why are you being such a little snot?!

" Woody decides to ask Ann Davis, who, the narrator points out, "knows how to have a good time." With her perpetual squint and chipmunk cheeks, Ann (pronounced "Ay-yun" by the actors in this film) is the perfect companion for super-nerd Woody.