Dating dutch delft tiles

Dutch tiles, probably 1660s, with an animal or small portrait from everyday life on each.Nail marks in the corners show how tiles were held firm during the manufacturing process. Photo by Ard Hesselink The history of Delft tiles goes back to the early 1600s when blue and white porcelain from China first arrived in the Netherlands.Sets of antique tiles, only a part of the set is shown.

Condition: one crack with old repair, some nibbling and losses to the edges and some glaze crazing - but largely intact.

Tile 2 - Top right - Manganese Biblical Tile: This is the most interesting.

It was much admired and Dutch potters wanted to imitate the look, even though they couldn’t recreate true Chinese porcelain.

Potteries in Delft had some success with good quality blue and white glazed earthenware.

This is a very nice combination of Delft Biblical tiles and deserves some research. Best wishes, Robert PS I see my earlier post to this thread did not show up. As I said, this is a great set of old Delft tiles some of which are indeed quite rare. Going by (a) the color of the clay, (b) the impressed 'Made in Holland' wording, (c) the large "Italian" circle almost to the edge of the tile, and (d) the little motifs in the corners, called a "spider" (even though it only has four legs!