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After being bitten, becoming a half-vampire, discovering that she was part of a prophecy, defending herself in front of a council on why they should keep her alive, getting a boyfriend and trying to keep him, entering college, and keeping her sorority safe -- Colby Blanchard has basically survived it all.

Except for the part where vampires are still attacking her since they believe that she will destroy them.

That is, until a stranger named Hunter – with smoldering good looks and an impressive knowledge of ancient languages – offers his services to Piper. Booklikes or Blogspot**Basic Info Format: Paperback Pages/Length: 191pgs Genre: Young Adult; Vampire Reason For Reading: Challenge, finish series At A Glance Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?

At least she’s just helping decipher some ancient texts and staying away from the rough stuff. Just another day at Psi Phi House.**Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs!

Which may not be as fascinating as belonging to a secret Undead society, but she thinks her life is pretty darn cool. Finally the first two novels in the Half-Blood Vampire series are available in one volume.