Cam chat xxx raleigh nc - Dating game youth ministry

Recruit a leader to be the ‘dates’, one for each team.

Prep them on how to play (see below) before Youth starts. Provide a sheet of paper and a pen for each team as well.

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Set up the chairs in two circles, a small circle and a larger circle outside of that.

Make sure that the chairs are facing each other and there are an equal amount of chairs in the inside circle as well as the outside circle.

Our students went on ‘dates’ with a Bible character (a leader) and asked them questions to try and figure out who they were. To save you heeeeeaps of time we’ve made up 24 different character profile cards specifically for Bible Speed Dating.

You can find them in our resource library here, along with other printable goodies!

The best way to be more attracted to a godly person of the opposite sex is to love Jesus more. Start thinking through if you really want to be with this person.