Dating headshots san francisco

Why he chose it: “It was my profile picture so it went up automatically.” Max weighs in: There’s two of them! Creating shots for clients that are second to none with effective attention to detail. His photos will make sales for your company or create long-lasting memories for you, your friends and family. I chose this career because of the energy creating great images for clients gives me.

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(#True.) And there are people out there who want to make that reality...easier.

Like this guy, Max Schwartz, an NYC-based photographer whose Craigslist ad for Tinder Headshots recently went slightly viral. Schwartz in action, so last week we summoned him into the Supercompressor offices to help improve our interweb dating games.

This guarantees and secures your time slot, which is necessary due to the high volume of requests I receive. Make sure to read a helpful blog post about How to prepare to Headshot Session.

If you wish to request corporate headshots for your company’s team, headshots can be taken at your place of business.

:)"Ashley Clark (actress)"Kurty Wong is much more than an exceptional photographer. Kurty possesses that rare combination of gifts which enables him to get the most out of the session and the subject.