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Take a tip from the pre-social media crazed generations: leave your phone at home or turn it off for a couple hours when spending time with the people you care about, you’ll have a way better time.

Face-to-Face is Better than Screen-to-Screen Texting, calling, face-timing, and the millions of other communication platforms are great ways to communicate with people who aren’t right in front of you; unfortunately, people have gotten a little too comfortable making this their primary means of communication.

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The ghost does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the ghosted wondering where he or she went wrong.

This phenomenon isn't new, of course -- prehistoric daters sat by their curly-corded phones waiting for their ghosts to call, and assumed that call have come when he or she was out of the house.

Even if we do spot a dashing Christian, the person may or may not have been honest on his or her social media profile.

A few years ago, an atheist friend of mine pointed at me with victorious venom when a documentary on Channel 4 indicated statistics that Christians lied than Atheists on dating websites.

ABSTRACT: The Internet has now become a habitual channel for finding a partner, but little is known about the impact of this recent partnership market on mate selection patterns.