Dating late bloomer

The reality is you have way more time than you think.

The core fear of people who are behind is that they've missed the window to create the kind of social life they want. Pretty much anything you could do at 20 you can still do when you're older.

A question I often get from readers is, "I'm 25 and I've just started addressing my social issues.

I feel so far behind everyone, and that's not even including the time it will take to get up to speed. Will I ever be able to have a fun, normal social life?

You may not have heard these words before, but if you’re single and dating in 2017, chances are, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve been a victim of one of these dirty dating practices, you have my sympathies.

Instead, they string you along by sending mixed signals, throwing you a bone every once in a while, and texting you just enough to keep your hopes up.