Dating men in wheelchairs Iphone free milf chatroom no reg

Unless we ask, please don't suddenly start pushing us.

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In short, it’s very difficult; and stated more accurately it sucks.

The most obvious issue to start with is that having a disability (spinal cord injury quadriplegic) and being in a wheelchair puts me at a major disadvantage with women as compared to able-bodied men.

This to me, is hard for me to try to understand, since I would date a man in a wheelchair, and I would love to have wheelchair sex. And even if the man was not able, I still would date him, and be with him for who he is, and not for what is in his pants.

Society, as a whole cannot fatham that there are single women out there who would rather date a man in a wheelchair than an abled bodied man, for the fact that they know how to love a woman in a way that an abled bodied man cannot. When men or women comment on here that it's not cool and it's not normal, and it just is something that should not be wanted when you can have a normal person, it is not up to us to put them down for it, it is unfortunately how most people perceive this subject.

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