Dating old spice bottles

I have shrugged on the latest in boyfriend sweaters, thus labeled and gifted to me by my New York City fashionista daughter.

This is the same daughter who purged all the “mom” jeans out of my closet. Mc Cormick, the famous spice company caught me in the act.

I have never been clear on the shelf life, so I keep 'em around.

The many Fairway brand spices that I own aren't so transparent when it comes to their shelf life.

In fact, I was just eying an almost-empty container of dried parsley that I'm pretty sure has been living on my spice shelf for four-plus years.

With all the costly crap that goes into keeping your body looking its best—designer moisturizers, expert-tested shampoos, etc.—we don’t blame you for being wary of parting ways with even a single tube, jar or bottle in your medicine cabinet.

Yet there will come a time when your only option is to do just that, because just like the things you put Now, we’ve already spoken about expiration dates.

Moisturizers & Creams: In general, the stuff you slather on your skin to keep it looking younger for longer can last up to a year since you’ve opened it.