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“I’ve certainly had those dreams of someone sweeping me off my feet…” So just who is the mystery girl Adrian was attached to a couple months ago?

According to Bustle, Adrian was dating a girl named Hallie Ivester since mid 2013.

The combination of the darkness, full-backed, plush chairs and a double of distance workouts that day is a sure-fire recipe for a 2-hour pass out session. Your Swim Book is a log book and goal setting guide designed specifically for competitive swimmers.

It’s hard enough dating someone who has the ever-judging parents and siblings, but swimmers take this to another level with teammates. They swim up and down that black line for 15-20 hours a week, spend weekends traveling to compete, and see one another at their best and their worst. Sure, the “I’m so tired” excuse might come across as suspect when it comes from a non-swimmer, but when your prospective says, “I can’t feel my shoulders and can’t move from the couch” they mean it. But we certainly do appreciate someone who is a positive influence and is supportive as we tumble along the journey of swimming competitively.

The 40th anniversary of the NYC Marathon coincided with the 25th anniversary of my Olympic win, and that told a story.