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What could be more motivational than turning your students into super sleuths to learn scientific principles and techniques? I appreciated the wide variety of experiments provided.

Like real-life forensic scientists, students observe carefully, think critically, conduct lab tests, document results, and try to meet the burden of proof to solve crimes ranging from check forgery to murder!

And for added fun and interest, an original cartoon character, "Crime Cat," enlivens the pages as he sleuths his way through each new mystery, sifting evidence and observing details. In Section 1, you will find 17 ready-to-use lessons and labs that reinforce skills of observation, experimentation, and logical thinking with titles such as Who Wrote This?

In your second and final years, you expand your knowledge to cover analytical chemistry, forensic archaeology, digital forensics, fires and explosions, and firearms.

You also study criminal law (taught by Kent’s highly ranked Law School) and are trained in forensic expert witness skills.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. I had already intended to adapt the mysteries to make them appropriate for this age of kids and to make it more interesting and personal for them.