Dating secrets from a male mind has luke benward dating

As his reputation grew, Hussey was approached by more and more women, eager to hear what he had learned about the male perspective on love and romance.

But like most women, perhaps since the beginning of time, there are still some things about the brawnier sex that leave us utterly perplexed.

When it comes to relationships, many of us still feel like men are from a different planet entirely. Well maybe your mom was onto something during those times when all she had to say about your father was a grumbled, "he is such a man".

This is the book that single women have been waiting for!

Written by the hottest dating coach on the scene, Matthew Hussey, it offers clear, honest and practical advice for women on how to find their ideal man - and, importantly, how to keep him.

When a guy approaches a woman he's attracted to, it shows.