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Prejudice has been fanned by stridently anti-gay comments from cabinet ministers and other high-profile Indonesians.Last week, a Shariah court in the conservative province of Aceh sentenced two men to public caning for gay sex.

Admission officers, also known as admissions representatives, work for an institution to recruit and communicate with new students or parents from a variety of venues.

An admission officer might be responsible to travels to meet with students, answers questions about the school and evaluates potential applicants.

Homosexuality is not illegal in most of Indonesia but police said Monday that those detained had violated Indonesia’s pornography laws.

Last month, police in Surabaya, the country’s second largest city, arrested 14 men at what they alleged was a sex party and forced them to have HIV tests.

I was only in Jakarta for a month so my sample size is small, but I definitely noticed some trends that were a lot different about it. Never a ‘next time’ or a ‘yes’ and no reply when the time came which are the standard replies when you ask a Pinay.