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Gut microbial composition correlated with structural measures of brain regions including sensory- and salience-related regions, and with a history of early life trauma.

The results confirm previous reports of gut microbiome-based IBS subgroups and identify for the first time brain structural alterations associated with these subgroups.

Many people who have it feel gassy and notice that their abdomen is bloated.

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Online dating sites are becoming increasingly specialist and it is now possible to stipulate that you want to meet people who are strictly, say, vegan or gluten free.

In fact there are dedicated sites for seemingly every diet going so maybe if you'd prefer a clean eating Paleo coeliac , then I am sure that's possible too.

They provide preliminary evidence for the involvement of specific microbes and their predicted metabolites in these correlations. IBS is the most common chronic visceral pain syndrome.

In the absence of agreed upon biomarkers, the syndrome is defined by symptom criteria which include the presence of chronically recurrent abdominal pain associated with alterations in bowel habits [].

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. ” –Bob Marley” Click here to read all of Hessiel’s articles on Irritable Bowel

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