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However, sometimes saying it in a text message can feel impersonal.Learn a few text messages to say I love you that neither your partner nor you will ever find trite!Random “I miss u” texts throughout the day are the real deal, baby.

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Go with something suggestive but unambiguous, like “It’s too bad you had to leave, we didn’t have time to make out.” Related: The Pitfalls of Group Texting: 4 Things to Know Before You Hit Send 4.

The Random Question: This is a riskier one, but sometimes you just plain can’t think of anything to SAY.

People who are together for a while become used to their routine. However, when love is real, it's normally a lot clearer to see than lust is.

It's also typically felt by both people in the relationship.

Still, if you keep your eyes open — especially to your text messages — you might pick up on certain clues that scream “love.”Here are 10 text messages that we men send to our ladies when we're in love. If something in your life is making us proud, there's a good chance we're consumed with feelings of love for you. Pride typically means feeling satisfied about one's own achievements.