Dating someone who has no friends

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Psychological Issues - Do you have a history of difficulty establishing intimate relationships with others?

Are you uncomfortable with people knowing the real you?

And today, we have another "true dating confession" from a reader who's worried that her boyfriend has no friends. Weigh in on her story after the jump..."My boyfriend is a loner," says Jenny, 27, from Pennsylvania. He would read books for hours and go for long bike rides by himself. "It makes me sad for him and worried for our life together," says Jenny. Do you think it will be a deal breaker or do you think there are ways they can overcome this?

He was intense and I found that really sexy." friends? "Sometimes he'll try to make friends with people we know, but he has a hard time connecting with them. But I'm social, so it's tough that he doesn't have any friends to add to the mix and is stiff around the people we already know. "For some reason, I keep thinking: If we get married, he won't have any groomsmen.

Or maybe guys who are loners just tend to lack the social skills to be good at dating to start with, maybe that's more it. Girls can be super-shy and be approached all the time and still have a boyfriend. I am one because women are too catty for me, hate always having to keep my guard up around them.