Dating someone who is codependent

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Example: If Doug can keep Tammy happy, non-angry, sober, functional—whatever it is—then his life has meaning. By feeling out of control, the enabler in a codependent relationship promotes the other person’s dysfunctions in order to “take care of things.” In other words, if you have codependent tendencies, you may find that you of the dysfunctional behavior of your partner in order to feel worthy and useful.

This feedback loop becomes an ever-more-troubling vicious cycle, whereby the partner is prevented from recognizing and getting help for disturbing, addictive, abusive, or other unhealthy behaviors.

In its most narrow definition, it requires one person to be physically or psychologically addicted, such as to heroin, and the second person to be psychologically dependent on that behavior.

According to disability studies specialist Lennard J.

For many people, the reason behind excessive emotional reliance on a partner is co-dependency -- a tendency to put other's needs before their own.