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She’ll be able to identify the brag-worthy qualities that make you incredibly dateable, then help you “pitch” them with charm and wit in your bio.

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Dating tips from the doctor

The PR Marketing Maven: Your Master of Spin Your friend who works in PR and marketing should be your first call when you’re creating your profile.

She built her career on making brands look good and getting those brands in front of the right eyeballs - ask her to do the same for you.

your hobbies, social life, and how freakin’ cute you are.

(Also, there’s scientific proof having a friend do this part is a good idea.) Creating a dating profile can be a bit nerve-racking if you’re not used to distilling your whole self into a few short sentences and exactly six photographs.

As a single woman living on the opposite side of the country from the rest of her family, my friends have become more than that: They’re the family I chose. We lean on each other for everything: work advice, delicate money questions, political ranting and raving, boutique fitness class recommendations … Beyond their obligatory role as “a shoulder to cry on,” your female friends are the not-so-secret weapon you can use to distill your best self into your dating profile.