Dating website uae

It would be rare that any news is censored, even news critical of the UAE.

The filtering policy concentrates more on pornography, dating, gambling, and other culturally or religiously offensive internet content.

It’s also 100% free to register, make a profile, search for compatible singles, and flirt with matches.

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Speed ​​Dating is a special feature, which consists of partners, providing information on Speed ​​dating events in hosting their geographical area.

Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, it offers a rich and deep user experience, including features such as batch upload photos, video broadcasting , Speed ​​Dating Planner, Event Management, and a very intelligent matchmaking search engine.

Nielsen, a market researcher, has found that about 30 million people have a profile in a dating site.

In addition, a big part of them spends a large amount of money to use the service. The online dating business is apparently very profitable.

For many families, the blocking of porn might be seen as a plus when considering a move to Dubai.