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It is within our interest that all the people find their “other halves” and live happily ever after.

Nowadays more and more men look for their soul mates abroad and most of them want to date Russian women.

And because of that, I've been accused of being self loathing, denying my asian heritage and also gold digging. If you are short, have a flat face, slitty eyes or have no chin, I will not find you physically attractive. And then there are the Asian women in this world who will never date a white man.

In general, do I find white men physically more attractive than Asian men? And these are the same people calling me Racist because I do date outside of my race. For me, whatever your race is, either you got it or you don't.

Thanks to John Doe for posting the story about Anton Casey.

He’s a British banker married to former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong (no relation, I hope), and apparently he’s in a bit of trouble for ridiculing Singaporeans who take public transportation in Singapore.

Singapore, a tiny nation-state at the southern tip of Malaysia, is really on the rise these days.