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i discovered that i felt best sharing whatever someone wanted to know....i mentioned that i had some surgery issue and they did not inquire further..be it.

im not and never have been one to really talk and talk about my problems.

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Earlier this afternoon I was walking along Bay St., here in Toronto, after speaking to a group about Uncover Ostomy.

I was wearing my “This is where my ostomy is” tshirt without a jacket, since it was a nice 18 degrees Celsius outside.

feel free to just use people, email people whom you have no interest in dating...to start that "get to know you" conversation and practice how to react when asked "tell me about yourself" or things like that.

for me the situation was when i was asked about work/career...since i dont work right now, usually that led into them asking why that was and my surgery info came out there.

For instance, tight waistbands or belts might feel restrictive over your stoma.