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One must have a life beyond entertainment and enjoy a normal life, which is not affected by name or fame." "We all are humans at heart who have a need to be understood.Sarad Malhotra, an Indian Television actor best known for his work in Television Serials was born 9th July 1983 in Mumbai, India.

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Sarad Malhotra is currently at the age 33 years belongs to South Asian ethnicity and holds Indin nationality.

He was romantically involved with his fellow actress for Dulhan Divyanka Tripathi.

I have an individuality which my girl needs to understand.

Love or arranged marriage, there has to be compatibility." Point accepted!

And when their decade-long relation went kaput, more speculations took place as to how Ssharad was not ready to settle down with the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress and his then co-star Rachna Parulkar was believed to be the reason behind the couple's break-up.