Dress attire for speed dating

Practice articulating this information in a smooth and succinct way within the time parameters of the event.Since speed networking is a two way process, it is important to listen carefully to each of your partners to make sure you understand their situation and so you can offer advice and help, whenever possible.Dating services are booming in Japan as young people shy from tying the knot.

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Young people brought up in the digital era find face-to-face encounters daunting in ultra-polite Japan, while long work hours add still another hurdle.

These make konkatsu - active 'marriage seeking activity' - often the only option.

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During a speed dating event, too many people pretend to be someone they are not in hopes of getting more people interested in them, and more dates.

We may be biased but we definitely think this is a much better way to meet people than online dating or at a random bar.