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Her title as "expert," though, does not suggest executive function.Please let her correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, the models spark the metaphor with which Bilton, our eye on Tinder's genius, opens and closes the piece.

It's also gone and added to that merry discourse about what is "the key to online dating" -- a set of conversations that has to be one of the world's most pointless, and yet one of its most popular, at least where weekend newspaper fillers are concerned.

The article, by (the man) Nick Bilton, starts with his rather superfluous -- but no doubt pleasurable -- observation about models entering the Tinder building in Hollywood.

Here is a selection of his words of advice: If you're a power couple, keep up the texts.

article about a certain dating app that begins with the letter T has gone right ahead and added to the swelling compost heap of male-oriented buzz and money circulating around that app.

Not many people can truly call themselves a "relationship expert." But Northwestern social psychology professor Eli Finkel's job is to understand why people fall in love.