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Produced by Jeanna Polley, the movie was written and will be directed by Jonathan Lynn.

Production is scheduled to begin in June in the United Kingdom.

(And would never dare venturing into the Alaskan wilderness.) Based on the Icelandic film director David Gordon Green's version charts the relationship of Lance and Alvin (Paul Rudd), a pair of unfriendly acquaintances tasked with repairing roads destroyed after forest fires devastated Bastrop State Park outside of Austin, Texas. And Lake Austin – go out and go tubing on the lake, it's a lot of fun. To contrast that, my character Lance in , he's kind of a needy, insecure brat, very immature in a lot of ways, and he doesn't want to be alone – ever. I sort of lost track of him over the years, but I called him randomly, like a day before he called me about this. He's lovable in the movie, but he has an edge that I think most people haven't really seen that much of.

And then the next day he called me and said, "By the way, I'm working on this little project right now. " And I said, "Of course." You grew up partially in New Mexico. I'm not the one that's, like, going out for months and months at a time alone. It's kind of a bit of a casting role-reversal, which I think David Gordon Green, the director, really relished.

Was this sort of forest fire destruction something you were familiar with? That type of environment, I actually spent a lot of time hiking, and that kind of environment I feel very comfortable in, and I like it. This was something of a return to roots for David Gordon Green.

Just when you think you've got the next twist figured out, you're surprised.

This happens throughout the movie, making The Girl Next Door one of the most charming, smart and subversive teen comedies I've seen in a long time - beautifully written, perfectly cast, a real pleasure from start to finish.

The American Music Awards are this Sunday, and to celebrate, we're looking back at what the AMAs red carpet looked like 10 years ago.