Ethical dating

Mary Balfour is the #1 UK Dating Guru and owner of top UK personal introduction agency Drawing Down the Moon.

Mary co-founded in 1999 and currently runs Grown Up on the Loveandfriends network.

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Mary chooses the Loveandfriends Network as it focusses on high quality graduates and professionals.

It works for Mary as her business Drawing Down the Moon gets enquiries from all over the UK but only operates in the Greater London area for people of a specific age range so people from further afield or outside the age range can be referred to Grown Up

But, to be absolutely honest, none of them know the scale of it – even though Lana did call me a ‘man whore’ last week and I’m not sure it was meant to be entirely complimentary. They each have something that makes me want to spend time with them – none is just some chick I picked up in a nightclub and want to gently ease out my front door in the morning.

If you've learned to successfully skip the styrofoam, are growing your own food, and are helping audit (and reduce) your office's waste, but still haven't found that special someone to share your weekly community-supported agriculture co-op box with, chin up!

Helen and Lana were via OK Cupid, and Theresa was at another friend’s birthday party.