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Birehan Cultural Center PLC Ethiopia has been promoting Ethiopian culture across the world for over two decades.

Located in Addis Ababa a visit to Birehan Ethiopia is a visit to the whole of Ethiopia, where guests are treated to cultural sites and creations, along with ceremonial presentations for guests of all ages.

Two of the world's major religions (Christianity and Islam) and other less-known faiths are practiced in the country.

Thanks to its old age, rich history and culture, Ethiopia has a legacy of valuable cultural and historical assets.

He lugged a red bucket full of soapy water from table to table, his skinny arms bulging under its weight as beads of sweat gathered on his brow. C., doing manual work and wondering how he ended up here, of all places. I wasn't supposed to live here at all." It was Kassahun Addis' first week on the job and his first job in the United States.

This was his umpteenth trip of the afternoon: through the doors, past the folks chowing down on Ben's famous chili dogs, to the counter with the line of customers snaking all the way back to the front door. "How was I supposed to live in America when I had never really left Ethiopia? Less than two years ago, Addis, 28, who holds degrees in political science and international relations, was a freelance journalist in Ethiopia covering political shenanigans and regional conflict for local newspapers, .

Bloggers spent the past few weeks writing posts inspired by the differences between Ethiopia and the far-flung nations which many Ethiopians now call home. Assefa, the writer behind , was unnerved when he first moved to Norway as a student.