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Anello Backpack is sturdy, made up of high quality materials, stylish that goes with any attire night or day, and it comes in many colors. Hence, you may use it to school, office, a party, and even when traveling, you name it!Anello Backpack can also be used as a baby backpack to put baby essentials in such as diaphers, wipes and baby milk bottles without a mess.Thus, no wonder imitation of Anello Bags are sold over the market!

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Design/Style Is the site pleasing or comfortable to look at, allowing your eyes to travel the page logically?

Is there an overwhelming use of the all the latest animated and streaming graphics, Flash and Java, to the point where it is distracting or slows your access to the information you are seeking?

Elico’s Five Decades of managing business processes is in our DNA and we have certified Quality system in place to demonstrate consistency and scalability in our prices without compromising on Quality.

This simple philosophy has given confidence to our customers and they have entrusted their business processes to us.

Therefore, data validation should start with business process definition and set of business rules within this process.