Feeling rejected online dating

But it’s really not the rejection itself that does the damage; it’s often what we believe about ourselves when we’ve been rejected.

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We all have expectations about what we want from a long-term relationship, and sometimes reality doesn’t match up with those expectations.

When that happens, it doesn’t mean that YOU are deficient or inadequate in some way; it simply means that WE together don’t have the necessary ingredients for an enduring partnership.

It seems like most people meet their spouse through work/friends/school. I was sick for 8 years and just got my health back 10 months ago and been working out at the gym since then.

None of these are options for me - I have no attractive and single co I need some help I do not get it and this is making me question everything. I met Why did my boyfriend say he's lost interest but then change his mind?

Look at it this way, people use online dating sites to feel better about them selves, they have no self esteem and there emotional wrecks, so they could simply reject you.