Four years dating

I love your column and think you do a great job of answering questions and concerns with sympathy, empathy and insight. I asked if that’s why he doesn’t want to move in—because he’s afraid we’ll break up and it’ll be a pain to move out. We knew a couple who broke up after living together.

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's most famous couple still continue to make headlines.

The latest drama unfolded when Perrie confirmed the former One Direction star ended their four-year relationship via text message.

) After my first , I was a firm believer that long distance just doesn’t work and isn’t worth it.

But surprise, surprise — after just one month of dating, and a week of being broken up, we pulled off long distance for four months and then did that every year for three years.

We discussed moving in together when my lease is up in October, but now I know he’s not ready. I tell him that he can still have that if we’re living together, but he’s still not sure when he’ll be ready. He feels really strongly about living with me and equates it to marriage.