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Do you struggle to find time to enjoy each other physically?One of Delaware’s Quiet Resorts, Bethany Beach was founded by members of the Christian Church (also known as the Disciples of Christ) of the Washington DC area and Pennsylvania as a suitable tract of land, "a haven of rest for quiet people” and a permanent yearly seaside assembly for the Christian churches of the country.

Mary Walton wrote the following: I just saw a bald eagle perched atop a tree At Danny's drive, Laurel,delaware 19956. The eagle sat there for about 5 minutes and flew away . Howard Donges wrote the following: While at Hawk watch in Cape Helopen sate park I was looking out over the ocean in the direction of Cape May. Tonight was very special since I went out to walk the dog and noticed 2 eagles.

I followed a tiny spec in the sky until it became bigger and bigger. This was by far the biggest thrill I've, had at park. Since researching them I am guessing they were a pair with one being larger than the other.

Journey is facilitated in individualized 1 hour weekly mentoring sessions or ...""Our Grief and loss groups re for those who have lost a loved one, especially if the loss is due to suicide or self-injurious behavior.

Being in a group provides support and helps you through the grieving process.

Alison Williams January 24, 2014 -- Saw pair (1 male & 1 female) of bald eagles flying over the office park in Newark, Delaware just off of Chapman Road & Route 273 (behind University Plaza). I slowed down to observe it; its black lustrous wings were fully spread, not flapping, and its head had the distinctive full white plumage.