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So, I’m sure you’ll agree, this is what the average guy will first say: afterwards. Me: hey Brigitte, my friend just came over and I can’t hang around much. Keep this conversation alive until it reaches a high point, but no more than 3-4 phrases. Hey listen, my sister is being very insistent, so please forgive me because I can’t speak anymore. What annoyed me was that fact that he told me his life over and over again, until I repeated it, so he could believe me. Johnny: I don’t know that they told you this when they hired you, but people tend to speak a lot when they drink. I do understand the concept of drinking, talking and having fun, but this went well beyond that. Pamela: And what are you doing, besides feeling the air of one of the most beautiful places on Earth? The equilibrium in this situation is to either have sex at her house and make sure you leave in the morning under the pretext that you have to work or have sex at your house, but the night before, set your alarm right in front of her face. Get dressed and wash your car, go around the block and drop her off and the come back home to bed.

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I might not want my perceptions of a date or a new acquaintance to be unduly influenced by my choice of beverage that day (although fortunately for them, I tend to prefer hot coffee even in midsummer), but there are other decisions that I will happily leave to my unconscious mind.

I’m probably better off leaving any complex decision to my unconscious mind, instead of trying to weigh all the pros and cons deliberately.

She puts her bachelor’s in psychology to good use in analyzing the differences between guys and girls and how we can use those differences to our advantage.

She’ll also teach you how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking – a useful tip for when you want to meet a new person!

You Tube is sometimes seen as the biggest time suck on the Web.