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We concede that the subheading and the second paragraph misinterpreted what your client wrote in his book. What the Sunday Times unleashed was a tirade of hysterical accusations and insults on social media that had me branded everything from a Bill Cosby-type date-rapist to a white man who cost a black woman her job.

In particular we concede that your client did not write that he had cost Ms Louw her job or that he poured her a drink of vodka.” Misinterpreted? It was all based on absolute nonsense, so all of it was totally unjustified.

Luckily it means that if your size isn't available at Topshop (right) there are plenty of other available alternatives.

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Cliff on Tuesday apologised, saying on Twitter he’s “been an insensitive asshole many times” and that “this whole saga with the idiotic comments of Penny Sparrow has upset me, but I must acknowledge the pain and anger of so many on Twitter who thought I would in any way condone the things she said.”“If you thought I was on the side of a racist, I assume we were all already in agreement about how you can’t stand up for racism,” he wrote.“With regard to free speech and hate speech, I need to continue my education”.