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According to a Star Magazine source, the petite chef cheated on her husband back in 2010 with Mayer when they ran into each other at the Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel in New York. Like, seriously, can John Mayer just keep his creepy self out of people’s marriages!

Read more: John Mayer's Expansive Hollywood Dating List “Giada was leaning with her back against the wall, and John was right up against her,” the source claimed to the magazine. What can two people be doing with ice and extra towels? When Giada was approached for comment about the hotel sightings, she admitted to being at The Standard that night, however, admitted that she just likes John’s music, nothing more.

Giada herself recently spoke out regarding the rumors.

In an interview with The last year of my life has been a little more tumultuous, and I’ve sort of started a new life on my own with my daughter.

Cooking has really sort of redefined my life in a way that truly the moment of inspiration and true happiness is when I’m in the kitchen….[As far as Bobby goes], people are going to write what people are going to write.

Luckily, my daughter’s still young enough that I can shelter her a little bit from it all, but I deal with it and I don’t really respond to it, and I move past it.

Giada -- whose divorce became final in September -- was all over Shane, and he was more than a willing participant.