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I know a lot of people don't care about Kate because she doesn't put out but that never bothered me.

I felt she fit into Niko's life much better than some slutty chick.

I keep calling her but she wont accept going out with me.

Instructions Complete the "Blow Your Cover" mission to open Algonquin Island.

Drugs: One thing that is extremely exaggerated is the drugs in this game. Overall, I think that this game is sutible for 10 and up. Parents need to remember that video games are, well.... Children are not going to hire protitutes for sex or do drugs just because some thug in a game does.

The content in this game is iffy, but odds are, your child already knows how this is how the world is (in some rare places). Don't worry your child is not going to become a pot-smoking murderer.

Violence: Whether this game is violent or not is completly based on how the player plays the game.