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Cause - The errors can occur in case that more than 2 keyboards or 2 mouses are connected with one PC.Please enjoy the game using each one keyboard and mouse.

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Just a short introduction, Hack Shield is an anti-cheating program developed by Ahn Lab Inc., commonly included in MMO game clients, which prevents hacks used by some users from running. Like the game itself, it updates from time to time for security purposes, and sometimes, it also causes headache to some players. You can skip the given steps if you are using that version. You must attach it to your email, and send it to customer at ahnlab dot com.

Once it fails to work or whatever, a small window will pop up which shows the error code, and a brief description like in the screenshot below. Now, retry to run the game, and see if Hack Shield will proceed with the update. The other thing that you can do to fix error 0x30000030 is to include in the Windows Firewall, or antivirus program exclusion list. This is what the Ahn Report program looks like: Take note, the system information, and any other data such as hardware, detected spyware, et cetera are included in an Ahn Report file.

Error 0x30000030 has something to do with the network connection. Check the next solution below if the error still persists. Premium security programs which come with firewall feature deactivate the native Windows Firewall automatically. (Hack Shield Update) inside the game folder (Dragon Nest NA) is allowed to send information to and from the computer through the Smart Firewall of Norton. You will not able to generate one if you will not agree to the Personal Information Collection agreement.

The program (Hack Shield Update) fails to connect to the server, and is unable to download the updates. If "Work Offline" option in Internet Explorer is enabled, it will prevent Hack Shield from connecting to the update server. Some, like Norton, do not allow users to change Windows Firewall settings via Control Panel. If you don't have an idea how to include a program to the firewall exclusion list of the antivirus installed on your computer, you can contact the developer, or search a guide on the internet. Rest assured that Ahn Lab will only use the submitted data for analysis, and troubleshooting.

Once your HShield folder has been deleted, replace the folder with the one downloaded from the above link. ZIP file, you may use Win RAR or a similar program.