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Bhavri reminisces Shamsher taking Aradhya’s side and Aradhya challenging that Shamsher will become wild tiger to a well cultured man whom people will respect. Arjun relistens to Veer’s confession and reminisces Munmun and Munna’s hatred for Shamsher and think how Munna can live under same roof when he hates Shamsher so much. In doing so, Gandhi gave her the name Mirabehn, after Meera Bai, the great devotee of Lord Krishna.[citation needed] Contents [hide] 1 Early life 2 Life in India and role in the freedom struggle 3 Post-independence life in India 4 Books by Mirabehn 5 In popular culture 6 Bibliography 7 See also 8 References 9 External links Early life[edit] Mirabehn was born into an aristocratic British family in 1892.

She asks him to bring Aradhya to party office Shamsher think that she will not harm Aradhya due to her political ambition, she gives a damn and wants to get rid of her. Shamsher says kidnapping idea is wrong and talks about finishing enemy. She devoted her life to human development, the advancement of Gandhi's principles and the freedom struggle in India.

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