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Hardy rod dating

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stand off guides with red agate tip and but guides whips of translucent gold with black tips, this is a special rod in just superb refurbished to mint very fine condition, 30" shaped cork handle with fixed screw grip , with LRH rubber button, large stainless steel Butt guide, with agate lined intermediate guides throughout, agate Corbett tip guide, green intermediate whips , with tyings of green tipped with red silk to guides , copper wire whips to bronzed brass stud lock joints, with polished alloy ferrule protector, rod in very fine original lightly used condition, in original Hardy cloth bag , No-2 is very similar to a B James MK-IV , rod numbered H-59182 circa 1964, 2 piece split cane trout fly rod in very fine lightly used condition , cane numbered F 2219521 with 70 above this, the rod is very good with the very slightest dip to end 6"of tip, red tyings through out, no intermediates, shaped cork handle with anodized bronze butt cap with Pezon logo, in original orange makers bag2 piece with 1 top, in very fine what looks to be unused condition, best possible condition, seems to be never fished, ruby tying, suction joints, with ( F ) logo to cane, circa late 1970, sold from Farlow shop., complete with original bag line rated #~6 mint as new 4 piece with 30" detachable butt section, superb very lightly used condition, seems about unused, snake guides red whips line rated 9/11, a superb powerful Spey casting rod , rod in original blue cloth bag with extra section for handle, big rod for big casters12'-0" B.