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Deary says he cannot write a new book unless commissioned, and though he has not been told to stop writing, he has not explicitly been asked to continue, citing the gamble of a new book, "when you've got 60 titles there that you can rework and freshen up for the new audiences that are growing up all the time", as a probable cause.

Deary discovered he had a knack for writing in his high school years.

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It is the biggest collection of relics in Britain, but few will have heard of it.

Now the curator of the historic Catholic school that houses the archives of eyes, skin, skulls and even a part of the supposed Crown of Thorns hopes the funds can be raised to put it on full public display for the first time.

When her soccer team threatens to mutiny, Mo gets a lesson in leadership from one of history's greatest-- Elizabeth the First.

After witnessing the English Queen artfully navigate the treacherous waters of her court as well as a Channel teeming with the invading Spanish Armada, rallying her mates is mere sport for Mo.

Items from Stonyhurst College's collection are increasingly loaned for exhibitions, with one of the grisly jewels in the crown currently on display at the British Museum's "Shakespeare: Staging the World" exhibition.