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French president Jacques Chirac has asked Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ensure Canada gives “detailed attention” to Getliffe’s health as she prepares to give birth to her fourth child.[csr 5.3 2006] Scott Grant, who recently gained custody of their two children from his wife, Nathalie Getliffe, says she poisoned their minds against him, telling them he didn’t want them and that they’d be in danger if they returned to Canada because he is a member of the International Church of Christ, which she calls a “cult.” Grant says that his calm explanation of the truth about him and the International Church dissipated the children’s high anxiety and now they are happy to be with him.

In response to profound concerns about their mother’s imprisonment, he says he told them her case would be helped if they returned from France to Canada, thus putting an end to the “crime” she had committed in abducting them.

It meets at the Good Shepard Church, near Fordham on 66th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. "The ICOC - which some ex-members and experts on mind-control assert is a cult - is one of the most controversial religious groups on campus," U. Similar to traditional Christian theological beliefs, the ICOC believes in salvation, but how one achieves this salvation is quite different.

The ICOC is a fast-growing organization known for its aggressive recruitment of college students, according to an article in U. "Discipling" is one key aspect the church advocates.

Given the guidelines that the Bible does provide us concerning what God expects in our everyday Christian living, we are responsible before Him to govern ourselves, individually, in this area of dating.