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Range("g14:g" & Lastrow) For Each g In My Range If g.

Offset(, -6)) Else Set copyrange = Union(copyrange, _ g, g.

Display Alerts = False Dim sh1 As String ' Dim sh2 As String ' Dim i As Long Dim J As Long Dim Rang As Single ' Dim q As Long ' J = 2 sh1 = "" sh2 = " " Do Until Sheets(sh2).

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When submitting the form, all form fields—textboxes, drop-down lists, check boxes, and so on—must have their values sent back as well.

Additionally, the page's view state is sent back to the Web server.

Display Alerts = True End Sub Sub Fill Bad() Dim Src As Worksheet, Dst As Worksheet, R As Range Set Src = Sheets("âîäèòåëè") Set Dst = Sheets("õóäøèå âîäèòåëè") Src.[A: I]. Sort Key1:=Dst.[A: A], Header:=xl Yes Set R = Src.[A1] For I = 2 To Dst.

Cells(I, 3) = "Íåîïðåäåëåíî" Set R = Src.[A1] Else If R.

Offset(, -6)) End If End If Next If Not copyrange Is Nothing Then copyrange.