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So even though I am only a redhead who occasionally confuses my desert fork with my salad fork, I thought I would take this matter into my own hands and create a guide of what not to say to someone who is infertile, going through infertility treatment or has just had a miscarriage. "If you would just change your beliefs about all of this, you would get pregnant. " This question always makes me want to ask the well-meaning questioner if they have seen my middle finger. I believed so strongly that I had names and furniture and preschools picked out.Perhaps if I do this I and others who are in my position will stop enduring these comments that hurt more than a progesterone shot in the rear. "You must have some psychological block that is preventing you from getting pregnant." I am guessing that means Jamie and Britney Spears are totally free and clear of psychological issues. If I didn't believe, I wouldn't have shelled out 0,000 in my attempt to conceive, and I certainly wouldn't have endured that kind of pain and suffering. "If you would just quit trying you would get pregnant," or, "If you would adopt you would get pregnant." No, this myth is just that: a myth.

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So can someone please explain to me why this is cause I am more confused over this than I think anything I have ever been confused over.

Don't PRESUME they're giving you the cold shoulder because they hate you because you're a single father.

For those of you who have endured any or all of these statements you might want to print this and pass it out to all your family and friends to stop them from further inappropriateness. According to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, "Studies reveal that the rate for achieving pregnancy after adopting is the same as for those who do not adopt" -- and the percentage of people who get pregnant after failed infertility treatment is even smaller.

And, those who work in a reproductive endocrinologists office, you might want to give copies of this to each patient and have them give it out to their friends and family as they begin treatment. Really, people need to learn what is okay and not okay to women who have extremely high levels of stress and estrogen. "You must not have wanted to have a child or you would have one." Really, is that the problem? I find the notion of adopting in order to get pregnant totally unconscionable. "Do you want to go to Chucky Cheese, Disneyland, Toys R Us or to the American Doll store with me? I want to go to a bar and drink a bottle of Vodka and smoke a carton of cigarettes -- would you care to join me? "I had six kids, and as soon as I had them I realized I didn't want to be a mother." It was 6th child that made you realize this?

It could be, and most likely is some other reason complete than that.