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Informed consent means written consent voluntarily signed by a patient who is competent and who understands the terms of the consent, or by the patient's legal guardian or the parent of a minor, as permitted under state law, without any form of coercion, or temporary oral consent obtained by telephone. Requirements for informed consent are further outlined in Wis.

Code ยง DHS 94.02(22)) Informed consent in many cases may be exercised by the patient's legal guardian if the patient has been adjudicated incompetent and the guardian is so empowered, or by the parent of the patient if the patient is a minor.

The informed consent process is arguably one of the most important parts of a clinical research study.

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Informed consent ensures that a patient, client, and research participants are aware of all the potential risks and costs involved in a treatment or procedure.

Both the patient receiving treatment and the client funding it needs to be aware of any possible harm that might occur.

Michigan's Informed Consent for Abortion law was created by Public Act 133 of 1993.