Ingrid michaelson dating

By Debra Birnbaum Ingrid Michaelson rose to fame for having her songs on a TV show — now she’s about to get a show of her own.

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Jones on , and having just seen and heard Ingrid at a radio conference a couple of weeks ago, I can say that this one’s definitely worth hearing.

It’s a wide-ranging conversation that goes from talking about dating to hypochondria to tuna (really) to , and OUR KUMAIL HAS BECOME SUCH A BIG STAR we’re so excited we’re kvelling.

Defensive dating is when we go into dating not to get to know someone new, but to avoid getting hurt.

It’s when you really like someone, but instead of acting like it, you play it super cool, taking your time responding to calls or texts, trying to act unavailable when all you want to do is spend more time with this person.

Dating isn’t supposed to be a horrible, exhausting exercise in futility.