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Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer is easy to apply with a brush applicator.Grooming your eyebrows can be a hair-raising beauty ritual.I think of tweezing as weeding a garden, whereas waxing or threading are more like mowing the lawn.

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Their stoicism and quietly confident exterior resembled attributes similar to that of a solemn soldier who’d spent some time in a Middle-Eastern military camp. Guys in school with eyebrow slits may have been and looked hard – but they never bothered you or picked on you. The hostile glint in their eye gave your pre-pubescent body chills as you passed them in the stairwell.

You were intimidated by them, the hot chavvy girl with a “Just Do It” bag dated them and yes, the magic formula – they had an eyebrow slit. If by some sort of miracle they ever told you you were “safe”, then you might as well sack it in now – you peaked early.

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The ones who looked rough around the edges, and called everyone, including the timid substitute teachers “blud”?

"GET THAT WEAK SHIT OUT OF MY FACE" satsuki's eyebreows glared at erwin smith and his eyebrows began to cry in fear and thne they ran off his face and when into his nose.