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World War Hulk and the Avengers film tables play very similarly: with a ridiculous amount of ramps and loops to shoot for, skilled players will be able to chain combo after combo for big points.

Starting a game summons Gorgar to say "GORGAR SPEAKS! The other 5 words that Gorgar can say are "me, you, beat, hurt and got" resulting in combinations like "Me got you", "Me hurt", "You beat Gorgar", etc.

Some friends of mine picked up Gorgar sometime in the mid-80s.

Not one pinball machines for sale can be extremely similar.

These are 5 of the most popular pinball machines of all time that we wish would do a comeback someday.

A lot more complex and definitely harder rules but the Twilight Zone pinball machine is a crowd favorite with its intricate design and well-done game pace.