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The air defence system failed to destroy the unidentified drone.

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Now, licences will only be granted to "relevant bodies and not individuals".

"These quadcopters are equipped with cameras and can fly over sensitive sites, film them and be exploited by the enemy," said Ali Reza Rabi'i, deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

“It would be much more acceptable if we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, or even traveled together, that’s more common in Iran than living together unmarried.” The powerful social stigma surrounding their relationship makes it hard to win support from even their closest relatives.

Maryam’s parents, British-educated lawyers, hesitated to give the couple their blessing, fearing the reaction of more conservative members of the family. The original idea for this story came through Arabic and Farsi social media and press searches.

As such, drones equipped with cameras can "pose a threat," he told the Tasnim news agency.