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Lil Scrappy and Erica once again confessed their genuine affection for one another and Shay was the odd person out.

It was very interesting to watch Momma Dee in action and the craziest quote from her tonight was “I’m on the throne and I am not giving it up.” One of the coolest moments of the night was watching Momma Dee give her son a “Burger King” crown and stating he was still the “Prince of the South.” After Scrappy let know Scrappy know that he only wanted to be with Erica, Shay stormed off stage.

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” saw Benzino’s whirlwind love affair with cast mate Karlie Redd crash and burn on camera after he ditched his plans to propose to her just seconds before popping the question. “I’m doing a lot, and if I had that partner that really helped me out and vice versa, it’s like we’re waking up with each other helping each other out, that’s big, you know? After Benzino’s botched proposal, the couple continued dating on-and-off even after the show’s season wrapped, but the two have since broken up, killing any chances for Benzino to pop the question again.

And although the reality star didn’t put a ring on Karlie’s finger, he’s still intent on settling down soon., Benzino explains that he’s done playing the field and that he wants to live the married life. It’s hard to find that.” Despite doubt from several fans of the show, Benzino claims that he honestly thought he found that partnership in Karlie, admitting that he really was in love with his co-star. But when asked if he’s still in love with Karlie, Benzino seems conflicted about his feelings for his co-star. The vibe was really good and I think I was kinda vulnerable. ” Well, perhaps once day Benzino will finally find a woman to settle down with and tie the knot like these other hip-hop husbands below.

“I mean, we went through a lot in that short period of time,” Benzino said.